First chakra: survival Second chakra: sex, emotions and creativity Third chakra or solar plexus: digestion and ambition Fourth or heart chakra: compassion and love Fifth or throat chakra: center for communication Sixth chakra or the third eye: perception and intuition Thousand petaled lotus chakra: complete spirituality  


  YogaVita in Arlington & Mclean,VA  

CLASSES through Arlington County: PRENATAL YOGA (code 340901)
begins 4/30 Wed. 6:45-8pm (10 week session - ends 6/18) at Lubber Run.also: YOGALATES at begins 4/29 Tuesdays 7- 8 pm (code 340916B) and Thursdays (begins 05/01 -code is 340916B) 7 p.m.- 8p.m. (10 week session) both at Arlington Mills Ctr. To Register call 703-228-4747
OR visit: Yogalates (or PiYo) also offered at VHC on Tues. at 7:40 pm. and Sun. 10:30 a.m. (ongoing class).

Yoga for Seniors classes also at Arlington County! Two classes for seniors: begin Wed. 04/30 at 10 a.m. (code: 340910A) and Frid. 05/02 from 10 to 11 a.m. (code: 340916B) - at Arlington Mills Ctr. (10 week long). Seniors who live in Arlington and are over 62 get a 30 per cent discount. To register call: 703-228-4747 or visit:

Prenatal classes and Pi Yo Classes at VHC - six week session- begin on 5/12. For more info, you may also EMAIL AT:

OUR CLASSES: (scroll down)

i.PRENATAL YOGA: learn great tools for easy pregnancy, birthing and delivery. Specific yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques are taught. We have been teaching for almost 10 years in Arlington and were the first ones to bring them to Virginia Hospital Center where we have on-going classes.

ii. PRENATAL PARTNER YOGA Workshops: learn great tools for easy pregnancy & birthing with your hubby or a friend. They are offered at VA Hospital Center on Sundays from 12-1:30- p.m. May 25 and June 8th.

iii.YOGALATES or PiYO: combine pilates movements (focusing mainly on your abs) & yoga poses to tone and strengthen your entire body.
We also hold Yogalates six-week sessions (known as PI YO) at VHC on Tuesday's at 7:40p.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. (six week session, now ongoing session, next session begins on May 12) for more info on those email us at

IV.YOGA FOR SENIORS: gentle yoga to stay fit, improve strength, flexibility and posture. Perfect for those with physical challenges. Postures are chosen to aid mature bodies to protect joints, strengthen balance and increase the range of movement. Most of the class is done seating on a chair.

Contact us:

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filmed in Paracas, Peru



View sample of Yoga DVD in Spanish filmed in CUBA. Email us if you want to buy it.
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